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For over two decades, NUOVA Vocal Arts has given aspiring artists the skills, experience, and connections that help them step into their professional careers. We guide students in crafting together their talents and interests—bringing uniquely skilled individuals to the art world.

NUOVA Vocal Arts programs are designed for emerging artists at varying levels of artistic & professional development, from high school to Masters’ degree graduates.

Triple Threat Training and Performance for 10-15 Year-Olds

A program designed to develop an artist’s triple threat skills in singing, dancing, tap, speech, and acting.

The Ten-Day Development Program is designed to offer participants a shorter program to experience the intensive environment for which NUOVA has garnered an esteemed reputation.

Opera and Musical Theatre

This five-week intensive program is a must for those who wish to focus on further developing technique while simultaneously working on their performance skills.

Intensive study will focus on developing tools that pianists with advance training required to become accomplished répétiteurs and coaches.

Aspiring directors and conductors may participate in this five-week program to get hands-on, practical experience in their field.

Work alongside professional mentors while getting hands-on, paid experience with mainstage productions.

Tuition & Accommodation

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