Nothing you do matters, the world keeps getting worse…or does it?

Silence irreverently rejects this defeatist attitude. Instead, offering us one of agency and hope. This searing satire grapples with today’s issues from gender, to patriarchy, social roles, and religion. Written over 20 years ago, this play has only grown in relevance.

Join us! Celebrate our 25th year by helping to fund this newly commissioned operatic version of Silence.


A remarkable play of an epic journey & based on a true story. Silence explores gender identity, power dynamics.


By order of England’s King Ethelred, Ymma of Normandy is forced to wed the fourteen-year-old lord, Silence of Cumbria. Their union, initially met with aversion, morphs into one of opportunity as on their wedding night, the two discover that Lord Silence is actually a lady! Just as the bride and groom find common ground, blood follows them from their marital bed and forces the two to flee from the king’s murderous rampage. Silence: The Opera, encapsulates Moira Buffini’s provocative journey of self-discovery into a 90-minute music grandeur.

Ymma's Aria Scene

Soprano – Lara Ciekiewicz
Pianist – Laura Loewen


Creative Team
Darrin Hagen

Darrin Hagen is an award-winning playwright, author, composer and Queer historian.

Leslie Uyeda

Composer, conductor and pianist Leslie Uyeda was born in Montréal and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.